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Jewel photography Barcelona

Jewel photography is one of my favorite fields to photoshoot, because you have to take very close up photos to see the jewels and then you also see the makeup very well.

I have some really nice jewel photos coming out this spring for Snö of Sweden and Pearls of Freja

But in this post I will show some old work I have done, before and after.

Now in January I will have a photography course on Åland Medis, if you are interested you can apply here:

Perfect if you have your own company and want to take photos of your products with a model.

Here are the days and times and total its only 35€

Mån 15.01.2024 18:30-21:00

Mån 22.01.2024 18:30-21:00

Mån 29.01.2024 18:30-21:00


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