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Summary of 2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

What a year! This year has been amazing and I have been living my dream life. I have been taking big steps forward in my career through the year and I will now do a short summary of my year as a hair and makeup artist in Barcelona.

Hair & Makeup artist on Barcelona´s leading wedding agency

This year I have had the best workplace ever. Beside the school I have been working on Teresa Snowball Agency where I have been doing hair and makeup on brides and bridesmaids. I have the best colleagues and we have traveled together to many beautiful places outside of Barcelona.

Own photo projects

I have developed a lot in photography and done a lot of fun and cool projects.

Assistent job beauty & fashion photographer Elo Durand

In the middle of the year I started to assist a very talented photographer in Barcelona and I have learned a lot about photography from her. I have also done some hair and makeup work together with her, e.g. this project you see below.

Fashion show Burberry

Through the agency I work for I did hairstyling on a fashion show for Burberry. I don't have any pictures from the show so this is just pictures borrowed from google where they have similar hairstyles that we did.

Famous designer Anthony Sanchez

Ohlala event is held in barcelona every year where well-known designers show their wedding dresses they have designed. I did hair and makeup on Anthonys model.

Editorials for magazines

In the end of the year I came in contact with two very good photographers that work together under the name Marie Maurice. I have done a lot of hair and makeup work for them that is going to be published in different magazines. This editorial you see down here is already published in Picton Magazine but all the other editorials is going to be published in 2020 so you have to wait a little bit more before you can see them.

Hairdresser degree

Since I was 12 years old I wanted to become a hairdresser and 11 years later I finally have my hairdresser degree. When I graduated from secondary school the hairdresser education where I live did not have an admission that year, so I started the normal high school instead and after that I did a makeup and hairstyling education. But this year I moved to Barcelona to get my hairdresser education and that was one of my best decisions in life.

Hair by Julia

When I came home to Aland Island in December I started to work on one of the best salons here. I really like the salon and my colleagues. I will continue working here 2 months before I go back to Barcelona and continue my dream life.

Plans for 2020

As you read in the previous part I will go back to Barcelona in March. I will continue working for the agency and also working on editorials and other fun projects. Then I also have a little surprise for 2020 but you have to wait a little bit more before I reveal it.

But Now I will enjoy my time at home and spend quality time with my love and family.



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