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Bring old photos to life again - Beauty photography editing tips

Updated: Jan 3

Since 2015 I have been taking photos as a hobby to capture my makeup and hair work in a good way. Since a few years ago I started to do photography for beauty and fashion brands as a work and I love it so much. Now some years later when I look back at old photos I can see how much I have envolved.

I recently found some pictures I took for Snö of Sweden and I got an idea to re-edit them to see how they would look like if I would have edited them today. Because for me its the editing style that has changed a lot these years. Before I used a lot more contrast for the highlights and shadows. So in this picture I changed that and also the color of the dress just to make it more clean and soft.

First photo is todays editing, second from 2021 and last one is the original without any edit.

If any of my "Åland followers" are reading this and feel that you are interested in knowing more about photography. I'm happy to tell you that I'm right now planning a photography course that you can attend on Åland in January 2024. Dates is not set yet but I will update you here and on my instagram when its all set. Looking forward to see you there.

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