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Dress photography Barcelona

The spring in Barcelona is perfect for some dress photography. Especially wedding dresses. Here is some of my weddingdress photography work I have been doing for:

Here you have the final photo and next to it how it looked like before the editing.

In my editing style I always make the sky more turqoise and the green colors less green. And in this photo I also did the castle in the background less orange so it would match the other castle and also make the harmony in the photo the same

Here you can again see how I like to edit the sky

Here you can see I have focused a lot to bring out the details in the dress. Also taken out the pole in the background.

Now in January I will have a photography course on Åland Medis, if you are interested you can apply here:

Perfect if you have your own company and want to take photos of your products with a model.

Here are the days and times and total its only 35€

Mån 15.01.2024 18:30-21:00

Mån 22.01.2024 18:30-21:00

Mån 29.01.2024 18:30-21:00


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