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The beginning of the adventure in Barcelona

As you can se in the headline I have started a new chapter in my life. In December I got my Bachelor of beauty and cosmetics degree. So I'm now a qualified makeup artist, hairstylist and clothe stylist. You maybe think I will start working full-time now with my beauty company, but actually that´s not the case. Two weeks ago I moved to Barcelona and started studying hairdressing at Barcelona Hair Academy.

I have dreamed of becoming a hairdresser since I was 12 years old, but after I started studying to makeupartist and hairstylist, makeup and hairstyling began to take over my hairdressing dream. Now I know I want to work as a makeup artist and hairstylist for a while and live my dreams, but later on in life I will probably come back home to Aland Island and then I need a hairdressing education to work at the salon. Because it's a very small Island it's not possible to just support myself by working only as a stylist. Additionally, I have great benefits of cutting and coloring when I do styling jobs as well. If the model/ actor needs a certain hairstyle or coloring when shooting or filming it's good if I can fix it myself.

Now I have had the two first weeks in school. I'm really happy with the school. Everything is so good, my classmates, the teachers and the training salon is so beautiful. Because the course is only one year the school is very effective and we are moving very fast forward. in just two weeks we have learned to do four different cutting techniques, five different blow-dry techniques, one perm technique. Now in the beginning we do stuff that I already have done in my previous school so it's quite easy but I think it will be much harder very soon. We actually had a basic course in cutting and coloring in my previous school, but it was very little.

Barcelona is a great city that really has EVERYTHING. Big city, beach, cozy neighborhoods and streets, sights etc. I believe and hope that I will enjoy the city. In October 2017 me and my boyfriend were one week in Barcelona on vacation. Down below you can see some pictures from our stay.



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