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Picton Magazine - Editorial

This autumn I did the hair on a photoshoot for Picton Magazine. The photos is now published in the december issue. When I have been assisting other hair and makeup artists in Stockholm and Paris I have been working on a lot of shootings for magazines but this job was my first own one. So this was quite a big step for me in my career.

Before the shoot I got a moodboard of the hair from the photographers and they wanted a creative hairstyle that was well done and polished. But I had to come up with an idea by myself how the shape would be. I did two rolls on the head with no hair fillings, its only the model's own hair. That's a little bit crazy how I could do it with just her hair since she did not have the thickets hair. When the hairstyle was done it looked a little bit like goat horn or two really big snails hahah. But it looks quite cool anyway. I'm happy with my work.

The makeup is made by Kikue and the photos is taken by two really good photographers Marie and Maurice. They did an amazing work and after this shooting we did a lot of more magazine jobs together that you will see here on my blog in the future.

Photography: Marie Maurice

Makeup: Kikue Ichihashi

Hair: Emelie Eriksson

Designer: Yana Myronova

Model: Yuliya Herrera


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