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Ohlala event - Anthony Sanchez

In end of November it was a wedding event in Barcelona, Ohlala event where a lot of people in the wedding world could show their work. It was a lot of good designers that had their wedding dresses on exhibition and you could also see work from jewellery designers, hairstylists and makeup artists.

Anthony Sanchez is a really famous designer in Barcelona and he had a model that was wearing his design on the event and I got the honor to do makeup and hair on his beautiful model Greis.

The event was going on all day so we had one day look and one evening look on the model. The day look was a sleek top part with a messy/frizzy low ponytail with a quite natural makeup.

In the middle of the event we went back to Anthony's atelier and there I had 15 minutes to change the day look into the evening look. The evening look was a high wedding updo and when they said I had 15 minutes on me to do it I was panicking in my head. They asked if it was possible and that I could do something easier if the time was too short. But I calmly said "yes I will do it" and then I did the fastest updo in my life hahaha. I made it in time and it looked really good. Everybody was amazed and chocked about my work but I think I was the most surprised one. But I think that if you have a really important work you will perform better than you think under pressure. For me it would have been a disaster if I would have done a bad hairstyle and all the important people in the wedding world in Barcelona would see it. So I was thinking its now or never.

Here you have a few behind the scenes pictures of me working on the hairstyle photographed by Maurice.

Here you can see me doing the last touch up on the model before the press photography on the event. Further down you can also see the amazing designer himself.

More touch ups later in the evening and Marie from the fantastic photography duo Marie Maurice that was photographing the model Greis during the day.

(All photos is photographed by Marie Maurice except the four first ones)


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