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Makeover: From long blond to short pink

Recently I did my final project in school and it was a makeover project where we had to do a big transformation color and cut wise on a model. I found a model who wanted to go from long blond hair to short and pink. Both me and my model are so happy with the result. This style suits her so good and it brings out her personality and matches her overall style.

Before & After - Shadow light

Before & After - Sun light

Work in process

1. Cut

I started to do the haircut so we would get rid of the lengths that we didn't need to color.

I did a long bob cut with shorter in the back and longer in the front. This is my favorite haircut right now and its very popular and trendy. A lot of my clients have that haircut.

2. Test strand

Her hair was not light enough to get that pastel pink color so we had to bleach it. Since I didn't know how fast her hair would bleach and how clean the color would be, I did 2 test strands and also toned them to see how the pink color would look. I did two different pink colors to se which one I liked the most.

The hair was bleaching very good and we liked the lighter pink more than the intense one. So now we had a plan for the next appointment exactly what to do.

3. Balayage

The second day I did the balayage so I would get the hair lighter. We did not want to have it pink all over to the roots, so I used the balayage technique. Then the roots has its natural color and will grow out nicely without any harsh lines.

The hair that we left outside the foils was a little bit darker and the pink toner would not get as pink there. We did know that this hair was going to get more like a peachy color and we liked that style. She rather wanted a warmer color than a cold. It's also very nice to have 2 different colors in the hair since it gives the hair more life and variety .

4. Pink toner

After the bleach it was time for the pink toner. I applied it in the whole hair and that was it. Her hair looked like a delicious candy.

5. Styling and makeup

To finish the whole new look I did a wavy styling and a makeup that would fit her style. She uses a lot of military green clothes so the theme of the makeover was pink and green. Thats why I used pink and green eyeshadow. You maybe think it sounds like a weird combination but the truth is that it's a really good combination. Green and red is complementary colors and bring out each other.

Final Result


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