• mli.emelie.eriksson

Flying home for the summer break

Today I take the flight home to Finland for one month summer break. When I moved to Barcelona in January I thought that I would have a lot of homesickness the month before I go home but I had totally wrong. Of course I'm very excited to come home and see my boyfriend, family and friends but 6 months away from home did not feel as long as I thought. It is all thanks to my lovely friends here who makes my time here amazing and also thanks to my good and rewarding jobs I do here. I'm so happy that I still have a few months left of my Barcelona time after my summer break in August. In the end of August it will be a little bit colder in Finland and the autumn will be just around the corner but then I can come back to Barcelona where the summer continues for a while. Thats also why I love to live here because of the sea and all the beaches. Down below I have gathered some photos and videos from a few beach days here in Barcelona and a bit outside.

Now when I go home for "vacation" I will relax a bit since I have had it really busy lately, but I will also do some work. Some weddings, photoshoots, beauty courses and A LOT of office work haha. I have not had time for that lately so I have a lot to catch up with. But Its not that bad, I love to do office work also. Maybe I can sit in my deck chair on the porch and enjoy the sun at the same time while accounting, doing blog posts, editing pictures and videos etc.