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Assisting the Beauty photographer Elo Durand

In july I started to assist the amazing beauty and fashion photographer Elo Durand. As you maybe know I have a passion for photography. I want to learn more and develop my photography skills so what is then better than assisting? In my opinion assisting is the absolutely best way to really learn. Elo is also the best at teaching since she also is teaching at the photography school Seeway in Barcelona. Elo is also the perfect photographer for me to assist since she focusing on beauty and fashion which is my field.

Just before I left Barcelona we did a photoshoot where I also got to do the hair and makeup on the model. I'm so much looking forward to continue working with Elo in September when I go back to Barcelona. We are such a dream team.

Photographer: Elo Durand

Model: Julia-Marie Trudel

Hair & Makeup: Emelie Eriksson


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