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60s photoshoot on the street

Updated: May 21, 2019

If you haven´t read my previous blog post about the 60´s school project you should go and read that before this one. You find it here.

In the vintage project we had to have an inspirational person from our home area. I choose the Swedish singer Barbro Svensson (Lill Babs). My moodboard for the project looked like this. When I had the presentation two of the pictures was videos of my inspiration Barbro Svensson when she was singing and performing. So when I held my presentation in school they could hear the music in the background to get the right 60´s feeling. I was very proud of my moodboard.

When we did the 60´s project in school we worked with photographer students from Sweden, Sofia Sorlin, Magnus Karlsson and Maria Ulmefors. Sofia took the photos, Maria and Magnus where doing the lightening during the shoot and I did the photo editing. It was really nice to work with Swedish people when we all could speak our mother tongue. They did a really good job. I'm so happy with the pictures. I also got the highest grade, 10 on this project so the teachers seemed to be as happy with the result as I am.

Model: Clara Hansén

Hair & makeup: Emelie Eriksson

Photographer: Sofia Sorlin

Photographer assistent: Maria Ulmefors, Magnus Karlsson

Editing: Emelie Eriksson


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