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60s photoshoot at Peggy Sue's diner

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

In the beginning of April we had a school project where we had to choose a decade and do a styling from that decade. I chose to do the 60's because I really like everything about the 60,s. It seemed to be a happy time with a lot of pastel colors and they focused a lot to look good in their hair and makeup. Actually the 60's hairstyles with a lot of volume on the top is a bit trendy in this year 2019 wich also made it a bit suitable to chose this decade now.

We was going to do a photoshoot of the styling and I asked the school if we could do the shoot where ever we want. But they said we had to be in the school and maybe outside but very close to the school. I thought that was really boring and it really limited my ideas. So me and my model, Clara Hansén decided to do our own shoot as well to get that kind of pictures we wanted. When I do something I do it in 100% and not less. We went to a 60's inspired restaurant here in Barcelona called Peggy Sue's diner. They was so nice to let us do the shoot when they were closed so we would not get any people in the background.

We did a lot of extra work but it was so worth it. The result became really good. Everything about the pictures is so much 60's it could be. So I'm very happy.

Unfortunately the school will grade only the job we do in school and not these pictures. But the shoot we did in school I also think went good. I have not seen the pictures from that shoot yet but I have a feeling that it went well. I will post the pictures from that shoot later when I get them from the photographer.

Model: Clara Hansén

Hair & makeup: Emelie Eriksson

Styling: Emelie Eriksson

Photography: Emelie Eriksson

Location: Peggy Sue´s restaurant, Barcelona


Behind the scenes

I recently bought a really good led light that is as small as a smartphone. It's so strong and so easy to carry with in the camera bag. It was a bit expensive but I really think it was worth the money and that I will have a lot of use for it in the future.

This is a funny picture where you can see my model doing the lightening and the modeling at the same time hahaha. Speaking of the model, she was SO GOOD. She was so nice and easy to work with


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