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4 months as a hairdresser student

I can't believe that It was 4 months since I started to study hairdressing. Almost half of the education has been completed. Time goes fast when you have fun.

We have had a few exams, both practical and theoretical. I feel pretty confident about most things, but one thing I would like to practice more is to mix hair color. When we have color clients we get help from the teachers who says what color we have to use. It is so many things to think about when choosing a color. Bleach and toner is something I have done a lot since balayage is such a popular hair coloring treatment now. So I have started to understand that type of coloring a bit. But I still have 6 months left in school so hopefully I will be much more confident to mix color by my own before i finish school.

Here is some of my work I have done in school recently.

Balayage retouch, lob cut, wavy styling

Highlights, lowlights, bob cut, wavy styling



Gray coverage


1. Balayage retouch


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